Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Chain Letter and The Wild Hunt

Chain Letter

Shawn: Fine. Don't show us the kills. We don't care. Never mind that, in the end, that's all this movie had going for it. I don't think the makers knew which direction they wanted to take this. Are they trying to teach us stuff? Or is this a slasher movie? The only thing that kept me interested was the kills, and they even held back there until the end, when the movie comes gay poetic full circle. An Ugly from me!

Jason: What the hell is this? Seriously!?! What was the point of this movie other than a few mediocre kills. I get it. Technology is bad. Our privacy is in jeopardy. But do we need a slasher movie to preach that to us? Director Deon Taylor has no idea how to stage suspense or kills. Nor does he craft an interesting or scary killer. Chain Letter looks good, but is otherwise very shoddy. An Ugly for this one.

The Wild Hunt

Shawn: Only once before have I cared so little about the outcome of a movie. What a terrible, terrible movie. The acting wasn't bad, but the concept, the ridiculousness of what this is all about . . . man. I was bored as fuck! And boring is the worst thing a movie can be. The Wild Hunt is the king of thumb-twiddling snorefests. Even worse than The Girl With The Terrible Titties. At least that one had boobies. Another Ugly for me.

Jason: This movie made me mad, and a big part of my anger comes from the fact that some people are really into this Live Action Role-Playing thing. To watch a whole movie about it was painful. Having the story go all Lord of the Flies could, I'm afraid, one day become a case of life imitating art. The film is well enough made and acted, but it's slow, boring and about a subject matter that irritates me. An Ugly for me.

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