Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zombie heads to Salem for his next film

The shock rocker film turds unfairly pissed on for his remake of Halloween is almost ready to get back behind the cameras.

Rob Zombie told The List his next film, The Lords of Salem, should begin pre-production in March with a planned production start scheduled for June.

The film, based on his original script, follows a DJ in Salem, Mass., who unwittingly unleashes a horde of demons when she plays a cursed record. Ten bucks says the demons could have something to do with all those witches burned at the stake in that state.

I've dug pretty much everything Zombie has done film wise and enjoy most of his music. We in The Basement will give the movie a view when it eventually hits theatres.


  1. sounds like the classic DEMONS from the 80's where everyone was turned into demons from watching the movie.I liked the halloween remake thought it was better than the first.Interested to see this new one.Zombies are everywhere right now and i like it but it will be nice to see demons on screen as well.At least its something different.

  2. Agreed. And I like Rob Zombie's gritty approach to horror. This could be really cool.

  3. Those that gave Zombie grief for his remake of "Halloween" are just purist/elitist snobs who hate having "their" beloved franchises changed. His version of "Halloween" was a great piece of work- both as part of the Michael Meyers mythos, and as a film in its own right. I'll be interested to see his next film venture, myself.

    TRUE horror fans see beyond the "franchise," to the story and emotions evoked by the film.