Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanna see an intense clip from Battle: Los Angeles?

Well duh. Of course you do. If not, this isn't the blog/radio show/podcast for you.

Shawn and I look forward to the upcoming sci-fi/war epic Battle: Los Angeles with dread and excitement. Dread because we've been sucker punched by cool trailers for shitty movies more times than we can count. Excitement because we hope hope HOPE Battle: Los Angeles will deliver the goods.

The alien invasion flick certainly has promise with its gritty look, combat theme and a great lead actor in Aaron Eckhart. The previews and posters promise big, cool, scary things and the clip below offers more of the same.

But why waste time talking about it. Check out the video below and judge for yourselves. All I know is I'm even more excited for March 11.

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