Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: 100 Feet and Babysitter Wanted

100 Feet

Shawn: Here is a cheaply made horror film with some great scares balanced out by sequences that are a total fail. The film goes from creepy to cheesy and back again far too often. This had a tonne of potential and delivered about 60 per cent of it in some scenes and 100 per cent in others. The bit where the ghost kills the kid by headbutting him repeatedly was awesome. The big special effects ending was not. This rates a Bad for me.

Jason: Famke Janssen and the house are the real stars of this movie. There's good performances and some nice scares, but other moments -- especially the ending -- fall flat. How can the ghost materialize to hit her but she can't hit back? There's some nice quiet sequences here as well, but too many of them. It throws the pacing off. I wanted to like this movie more than I did. It's worth watching once. A Bad from me as well.

Babysitter Wanted

Shawn: This is how you make a low budget horror movie! And what a great musical score. It took everything, the dark shadows and moody lighting, and made it scarier. Loved the scene where the husband hacks up one victim while chatting with another. Actually, the whole family unit, including the evil child, was really good. And I liked the babysitter too. She does almost everything right when under assault from her stalker. Tell the truth, there wasn't anything here I didn't like. I went in not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. A Good for me.

Jason: Babysitter Wanted is the real deal; a lean, mean horror machine that has twists and turns and still comes up with a surprise or three. The film is one part Halloween, one part House of the Devil and one part Hostel. Yet it isn't derivative at all. I liked our damsel in distress and even dug our villains. And the filmmakers nicely balanced the jump scares with slow-burn terror. This has something for every horror fan, and I'm giving it a Good.

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