Monday, January 17, 2011

Malevolent bereavement

The 2004 low-budget slasher movie Malevolence was one of those hidden gems we enjoy here in The Basement, in case you haven't noticed. Now it's time for the prequel and we've got the trailer for yah below.

The first film, written and directed by Steve Mena, dealt with a trio of bank robbers who take a mom and daughter hostage and hide out at an abandoned farm house. The only problem is a soulless killers happens to live nearby.

Malevolence actually took some time to set up a back story for the killer, which is where Bereavement comes in. The film is a horrific account of the kidnapping of six-year-old Martin Bristol, the first film's villain, and his slow and steady descent into the killer he eventually became.

Mena is back on board for this one, and it features the great Michael Biehn as Bristol's dad. Prequels rarely work, but I will give Bereavement a watch strictly on the strength of the first film.

Bereavement hits theatres in a limited release next month.

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