Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Piranha 3D and Abominable

Piranha 3D

Jason: This is very much a B-movie. Granted, it's a $24-million B-movie, but it still wears its heart on its sleeve. There's so much T&A it's almost like watching softcore porn, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. And some of the carnage and gore effects are amazing, especially a prolonged sequence at about the hour mark. The film does lack the fun and energy that often comes with a lower budget effort, but it's still a good ride for people who like this kind of thing. And I'm one of them. A Good rating for sure.

Shawn: The only real 3D effect I can see here is the 3D penis the piranha chewed on. I'm glad I didn't pay three-extra dollars to see it. And I hated the movie to begin with, with its bad CGI and poor kills spread thin during the first hour. Then came the TSN turning point and WOW. People get destroyed by these fish and it's awesome. Lots of gore and yes, lots of boobies. I'll watch it again, which means this is a Good for me too.


Jason: Another film, another B-movie with beasts, boobs and blood. And this is a great one. It overcomes its low, low budget and the undeveloped skills of a first-time director with pure energy and heart. The filmmakers put their soul into this and it shows. There are some great kills here and, more importantly, some scary moments that would make John Carpenter proud. It's also a loving tribute to Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, believe it or not. I'm giving it a Good, and want every horror fan to see it.

Shawn: When I was a kid the scary monster in my closest was a Bigfoot and this movie brought some of those fears back to the surface. Jay's review helped sway my rating too because, once I accepted this was a first effort made on a low budget, it became easier to watch. There's no TSN turning point, it's a slow burn, and it works well enough that I do want to see it again. Good kills and yes, boobies! I'm giving it a Good as well.

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