Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christian Bale close to being King's Gunslinger

It was first reported that Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen were director Ron Howard's top choices for the role of Roland in the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

But word broke across the web today that Batman himself, Christian Bale, has become the front runner.

The guys over at JoBlo report it was Bale's Golden Globe win for The Fighter that pushed him to the top. The announcement is a shock given I don't remember Bale even being in the running.

Of the three, he's my top choice. Bale's a great actor and can play moody really well. He also looks kinda like Clint Eastwood, who King obviously modeled Roland on.

The Dark Tower hits theatres in May 2013.

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  1. Let me just say this - I whole-heartedly support any movie based on the Dark Tower.

    If it ends up being Bale, I am cool with that.