Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some pics from Kevin Smith's Red State

I know Kevin Smith is not usually associated with horror. Correction, he's the last person I'd associate with the genre. But the writer/director known best for dick and fart jokes and Jay and Silent Bob is making just that . . . a horror film.

Below are a couple of stills from the film, which is scheduled to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival early next year. They don't show much, but I have to admit I'm kinda jazzed to see if Smith can expand beyond the juvenile humour he's best known for.

Over at Arrow In the Head, director Richard "Donnie Darko" Kelly, who has watched the film, is quoted as saying he's never seen such a reinvention for a filmmaker. Sweet. Has me psyched.

Red State is about a group of misfits who run afoul of an extreme group of fundamentalists in Middle America. The pics below feature what I believe are said misfits, John Goodman sitting on a bed, and cutie Kerry Bishe looking scared.

No word on when Red State will be released. Enjoy the pics.

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