Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jason and Shawn review: Restrepo and The Horde


Jason: It's tough to put my feelings for Restrepo into coherent thoughts. As a filmgoer, my mind has been trained to expect certain things from a war movie, and Restrepo gives me all of them. But this isn't fiction, it's real. The documentary is like a punch in the gut at times. Other moments are an amusing portrait of men who have chosen a soldier's life. We see them bond, suffer boredom together, live together, die together and grieve together in one of the deadliest place in the world. I felt like I was there for all of it and suffered the deployment with them. I had to keep telling myself this was really happening, which proves what an exceptional documentary this is. I give it a Good rating only because we don't have a higher ranking.

Shawn: I had to switch viewing modes while watch this documentary. Where I usually long for some violence and stuff blowing up I was glad to see as little of it as possible while watching Restrepo. My eyes were absolutely glued to the screen. This is a fantastic documentary that is an honour to the men who served at OP: Restrepo. No politics, no left-wing/right-wing point of view, just a look at the men on the ground and their ordeal at war. I can't rate this, because it's just not fair to rank such an experience. Watch this awesome documentary!

The Horde

Jason: Pretty much a critic-proof movie. Either you want to watch a hardcore French zombie movie or you don't. If you do, The Horde more than satisfies. The film is unrelenting and bloody; a splatterfest in the best sense of the word. Bodies are shot full of holes and the dead feast on the living. No character development, little plot, but that's not why we watch movies like this. We watch them for the blood, guts and zombie action, and The Horde delivers on all fronts. A Good time for me.

Shawn: This is probably the best zombie movie I've seen in a long time. The zombie violence is brutal and what story there is is brutal too. I found the zombies terrifying in this. The way they move and attack the people, like the Rage Zombies from 28 Days Later on steroids. There are tonnes of epic scenes too, not the least of which is a one-man stand atop a car against hundreds of zombies. I loved this movie. I've watched it eight times, so it's a Good. Duh!

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