Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hugh Jackman throws some robot punches

Does a movie about two robots punching it out sound exiting? Even when one is controlled by Wolverine himself?

In theory, I'd say no. But this preview doesn't look too bad. It doesn't look terribly exciting either, but I am intrigued.

The film is called Real Steel and it stars Hugh Jackman as a washed up fighter who teams with his estranged son to build a robot boxer in a future society where the real deal has been outlawed. It sounds like a typically cliched sports movie with a sci-fi twist. The fact that it's directed by Shawn (Date Night) Levy doesn't bode well.

Here's the first trailer for the film, which doesn't actually hit theatres until late 2011. There's still lots of time to build some positive buzz for this flick, which has the potential to be a good B-movie with a budget.

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