Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jason and Shawn review: Repo The Genetic Opera and Repo Men

Repo The Genetic Opera

Shawn: This has to be the sacrifice of the century for me. It's like watching a really long, weird-ass music video by a bunch of musicians who suck. A fitting role for Paris Hilton. Get it? There are a lot of elements that I really liked: dark, gory with a comic-book style from time to time. Even a decent story. But F-off with the music! It ruined everything! An Ugly from me.

Jason: Finally, a movie where I get to see Paris Hilton's face fall off. A movie for me! Too bad it was a musical. I hate musicals. I think the music gets in the way of the story. I can't engage in the characters or plot because everything is revealed through the music. It's not a method of storytelling that I like. That said, Repo does work on its own terms, with some catchy music and the cool character of the Graverobber. His scenes and songs are great. But it's still a Bad rating from me.

Repo Men

Shawn: I wanted the Genetic Opera to be a real movie. Well, here it is. There was so much potential here. The filmmakers teased with practically every element, but never delivered on any. There's action, humour, some great story threads, but none of them are fully developed. Forest Whitaker and Jude Law are far too good as actors for the material. It's almost like they are overacting. The movie drags on despite some great fight scenes, so it only achieves a Bad rating from me.

Jason: The first 30 minutes of this movie are gold! Witty, funny and exciting with some great fight scenes. Then it just dies on the vine only to be resurrected with an exciting conclusion and the mother of all twist endings. Jude Law as an action hero? Sure. I even liked Forest Whitaker and his lazy eye. But they are above the material. There's also a lot of good music here, unlike the Genetic Opera. Too bad it doesn't all vibe to create a good movie. Only a Bad one for me.


  1. Repo The Genetic Opera is an amazing movie. Just because you didn`t like it because you don`t appreciate musicals shows that you are naive and quite shallow.

  2. Thanks for the comment! We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.