Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scream Awards trailer for Paranormal Activity 2

While Shawn and I are rockin' it on 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops Friday night several horror fans will likely be heading to local theatres to check out the sequel to last year's hit Paranormal Activity.

We here in The Basement, including Shawn, myself and contributor Mike S, loved the shit out of P.A. and none of us can deny that it looks like a noble effort was undertaken to make a decent sequel in Paranormal Activity 2.

Below is the Scream Awards trailer for the film, which has a kicker of a final few seconds. I admit I am eager to see the film, and may even venture into theatres at some point.

Paranormal Activity 2 is directed by Tod Williams with a story by Michael R. Perry and screenplay by Michael R. Perry and Christopher Landon. The film is produced by Jason Blumand and Oren Peli, who wrote and directed the first film to perfection.

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