Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jason and Shawn review: Case 39 and The Road

Case 39

A lot of potential here.  There were definitely some really good scenes, good ideas, but they came across as convoluted, unfinished and forced. That seems like a pretty weak way to make a scary movie.  The "demon" effects were done with Adobe After Effects or software like that and made the production look cheap, just like the so-called scares. The movie was eerie at best. Probably more suspense than horror, and even that was predictable. An Ugly rating for sure.

This movie sat on a shelf for years and should have been left there. No one should have to suffer through this. It took me five pints to do so! I hate Rene Zellweger to begin with, so having to watch her for 90 minutes didn't help. And what person in their right mind, knowing achild is the spawn of the Devil, decide to take action by dumping a TV on the floor and telling the brat to get out of the house? Do the world a favour and drop the TV on its head! Ugly, ugly, ugly.

The Road

Here is a post apocalyptic movie that doesn't dwell on what happened, how, or the struggles humanity faces to rebuild the human race.  This movie follows a father and son, as they try to find food.  The end. Boring! I like movies that show the build up to the apocalypse because I like to see society's fall from grace. The Road focuses on fall from dignity, and I don't need to see that. Viewers with children will understand some stuff better than those that won't.  If you don't have children, take it for what it offers. A Bad movie in my books, but has its moments.


An epic fail. Everything that worked in Cormac McCarthy's book – the characters, story, tension and underlying sense of doom and dread – is a washout here. What was a riveting, dreary read is nothing more than a tedious bore on film. I hated Charlize Theron's scenes, I hated the boy, and I felt not connection between the father and son. In other words, this film had nothing to hold my attention to it save for a couple of moments here and there, and those aren't enough to recommend it. Another Ugly from me!

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