Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jason and Shawn review: Bitch Slap and Rampage

Bitch Slap

Jason: What kind of a critic am I? Can I be so easily bought by some gratuitous T&A, graphic violence, heavy metal music and girl-on-girl action. Why yes, apparently I can! And I hate myself for it! Well, not really. Bitch Slap is a guilty pleasure best watched with copious amounts of beer, rum and Coke. The trio of sexy ladies, Erin Cummings, Julia Voth and America Olivo, redefine sexy. Story and character development don't matter, just enjoy the pretty pictures. A Good review from me! Dammit!

Shawn: Seriously, what the fuck!?! There's enough T&A here to last a lifetime. Possibly one of the most predictable movies I've ever seen, but all that is pointless because I am a man. Wow! The ladies, the violence and STUFF BLOWS UP!!! All the gals like each other, and that's cool. This is a man's movie through and through, and earns a Good rating because of it. I was so entertained.


Jason: I have never been so surprised by a movie. Dr. Uwe Boll actually made a solid film that has something to say about modern society. Every fibre of my being wanted to hate it and what the angry, young protagonist does, but Boll handles the material well. The eventual rampage, which has the "hero" marching through his town in body armour armed with machine guns is harrowing and disturbing, but the sequence is handled with a surprising amount of care by the writer/director. The scene in the bingo hall is probably one of my all-time favourites. Once again, a Good review.

Shawn: Our star, Brendan Fletcher, is an amazing actor. He doesn't play it crazy, although he lets some loose wires show. He makes Bill a character who is sick and tired of the world he sees and who just has to go out and do what he does. And he executes his plan perfectly, as well as 74 plus people. If this were real, it would be reprehensible. As a movie, whoa! The sequence in the bingo hall is a new favourite. Another Good from the Bad Man.


  1. I'm going to have to give Rampage a try... and maybe Bitch Slap... though I do prefer my T&A to remain in my porn collection...