Thursday, September 9, 2010

We Need To See Julia's Eyes.

When a movie comes along from producer Guillermo Del Toro and the director of the creepy-as-hell Spanish horror The Orphanage, then the film is an automatic must see.

The trailer for director Guillem Morales' Los Ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes) is out and boy does it looks great. As my wife said upon viewing it: "That's creepy!" The film stars Belen Rueda of The Orphanage and tells the story of a woman who is determined to uncover the secret behind her sister's death, even though she is slowly going blind. 

All the makings of a great thriller are here: moody atmosphere, beautiful damsel in distress, and more than a little bit of suspense. Hopefully this gets a theatrical release in North America . . . but I doubt it. Shawn and I will have to seek out the Christmas Present Version and get a review up pronto!

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