Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tag Team Review: Hit and Run

Mike S and yours truly (Jason) are back, this time taking on the suspense flick Hit and Run. We use the term suspense loosely.

Jason:  A film that tries very hard to be more Hitchcock thriller than simple slasher, but fails at almost every turn. The concept of a woman stalked by a man she hit with her vehicle and left for dead has potential, but director Enda McCallion is totally inept at getting any suspense out of the proceedings. In fact, McCallion doesn't even understand how to stage a scene. The film just clunks from one moment to the next and never ends up going anywhere. Laura Breckenridge makes for a fetching damsel in distress, but the movie ultimately lets her down. Better luck next time.

Mike S: This movie was a hit and run in it self. While I will give it credit for some interesting film techniques (the high speed driving), the rest of it was as lively as... well, road kill. The acting was barely passible. The characters weren't engaging, and I was actually glad when the boyfriend was found dead. I'd rather collide with a train than watch this movie again. 

Let's call Hit and Run an Ugly shall we.

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