Sunday, September 12, 2010

Box Office Report: Still some life in Resident Evil

The box office was a wonderland for Alice, Milla Jovovich's zombie fighter, in Resident Evil: Afterlife. In what was surely the least suspenseful box office contest of the year, the fourth Resident Evil film easily grabbed the top spot on the chart with an opening estimated at $27.7 million, a record for the franchise.

Takers continues to hold, actually climbing one rung to second place in its third weekend of release. It earned another estimated $6.1 million, with the highest per-screen average ($2,784) of any wide-release movie except Resident Evil. The heist drama has nabbed a total of $48.1 million to date.

Falling hard were last week's two new thrillers. The American lost 55 percent of its business and fell from the top spot to third place, probably because of disappointed word-of-mouth from moviegoers who'd been led to expect an action-packed spectacle instead of a contemplative, brooding, European-style drama. Its second-week take was an estimated $5.9 million. Meanwhile, Machete fell even harder, dropping 63 percent to an estimated $4.2 million. It also dropped two spaces, landing at No. 4.

Holding on in fifth place was Going the Distance. The romantic comedy slipped 44 percent to an estimated $3.8 million, for a two-week total of just under $14 million.

The Top 10:

1. Resident Evil: Afterlife $27.7 million (3,203 screens), new release
2. Takers $6.1 million (2,191), $48.1 million total
3. The American $5.9 million (2,833 screens), $26.7 million
4. Machete $4.2 million (2,678), $20.8 million
5 Going the Distance $3.8 million (3,030), $14.0 million
6. The Other Guys $3.6 million (2,246), $112.7 million
7. The Last Exorcism $3.5 million (2,731), $38.2 million
8. The Expendables $3.3 million (3,058), $98.5 million
9. Inception $3.0 million (1,583), $282.4 million
10. Eat Pray Love $2.9 million (2,339), $74.6 million

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