Friday, August 13, 2010

Micro Review: Kick Ass

There are some who will be appalled by the amount of violence perpetrated by and against children in this movie. I say that as warning to those who haven't seen it. Everyone else, especially those who grew up on the dark era of 1980s comics, should love it. This adaptation of Mark Millar's comic book series has enough wit and action to justify the title. It's tough to call it a comedy but it's not a straight ahead superhero movie either. One could say it's a biting commentary on our times, where everyone wants to be famous and violent antics (I'm talking to you, Jackass) are socially acceptable. The film is at odds with itself. At first it's a comic indictment of fanboy fanaticism taken to its logical end before giving in to the very formula it wants to subvert. Fortunately, the whole works better than its parts. A Good review from The Basement on this one.

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