Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guest Review: The Green Zone

Mike S is back with his thoughts on The Green Zone, a movie this Basement dweller gave a bad rating to. Read on to "hear" this thoughts. And there's not a "delightful romp" in the entire piece.


I've never been a fan of most American modern war films, since they are either "Hooray to the US for saving the day" films, or "war is nothering but a waste of humanity" films. Luckily, this movie isn't one of those types.

Rather than focusing on having the US as the saviors, or telling us from a soldier's perspective the horrors of war, this movie looks at the reason for the war in Iraq. We all know that the US invaded Iraq searching for the reported Weapons of Mass Destruction Saddam supposedly had. We also know that there were ultimately, no WMD's to be found.

At the time though, it was a good enough reason in the light of George W. Bush's declaration of War of Terrorism, to attack Iraq.

It's the "lie" that is the starting block of this movie. The rest is really all about the action. This movie is actually just one huge car chase- though not necessarily always in a car. It is pretty much non-stop action, though surprisingly, there is very little gunfire.

I have always enjoyed Matt Damon's acting, and felt he was pretty damn good in this role. It was also nice to see Greg Kinnear in the sort of role he played as well. Brendan Gleeson's role was small, but well done. The only problem is that the characters themselves weren't as interesting as I would've liked.

The look of the film was good too, changing from a subtle grainy look during the night time warzone scenes, to the crisper "Green Zone" scenes. The camera movements during action sequences were creative and added to the feel of being there. They may not have been necessarily cookie cutter archetypes, but they really weren't what you'd call memorable characters either.

While, the story could've been a bit meatier, it was enough to support the meat that was the action, which there was plenty of. A Good review from this Basement guest.

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