Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tag Team Review: Daybreakers

Mike S. is back with another one, and I figured I (Jason) would throw my two cents into the mix. What are your thoughts about the Spierig Brothers' take on vampires?

Mike S.

While there are certain parts of its execution that could've been improved, I would have to say that I enjoyed Daybreakers. I really liked the film noir elements that were used for some of the camera shots, wardrobe, and tone. The use of dreary greys and blacks with chilly blue artificical light gave a nice sense of an essentially souless society. The cast was well chosen, and while not necessarily realistic, they weren't exactly cookie cutter characters, either. I especially enjoyed Sam Neill's turn as a vampire.

The action when it occured was quick, thumping and well filmed. Unlike the usually clean dining of most movie vampires, these vampires are rather messy... almost like savage zombies in their feasting.

The message of managing natural resources, and trying to find alternatives sources fitting for this time. While not necessarily a film for everyone, or repeat viewing, it is definately worth a look.

Despite it's originality, timely theme, and visual style, due to the fact that it has come out during a glut of vampire themed movies in the past couple of years, I have to rate this as Bad.


A cool concept that isn't executed to its full potential. That said, what's here isn't all that bad. Daybreakers is a thinking person's vampire flick with gory action, an underlying social message, lean direction, and best of all: no obnoxious, glittering, pretty boy vampires! This is a B-movie with pretensions to be something more and the effort is worth a look for horror fans. Great cast, well made, but I doubt I will watch it again. A Bad rating from the Basement.

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