Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Listener's Review: The Woman In Black

The following comes from FRFTB fan Mike S, who Constant Listeners know is the creator of our Good, Bad and Ugly rating system. Here he takes a few moments to share his thoughts on the British horror film The Woman In Black, based on one of the longest running stage plays in London!

Very few people can make a decent ghost movie. The British are one of the few. When I watched this movie, I had trouble sleeping afterwards... for several nights. The setting of the mansion that becomes rather isolated when the fog roles in created such a sense of being utterly alone and unprotected... especially when you start to hear the phantom sounds of a horse drawn carriage in the fog, and the screams of a child. Adding into that, the appearance of a hateful looking woman in black on an island nobody is supposed to be able to reach due to the fog is enough to make you uncomfortable... and jumpy at the little sounds in your house when you're alone. The pace isn't fast- but it's relentless. Once the story has you in its icy cold death grip, there is no letting go, and you're compelled to keep watching to the end. Definitely one of the best ghost films out there... and one to watch with the lights on... or off if you're really brave... A Good rating from this Basement fan.


  1. Review Update: I recently found out that Hammer Films (famous to horror fans for their Dracula movies staring Christopher Lee in the 70's/80's) is doing a remake of this movie... in 3D! There are definately a few scenes from the movie above that become all the creepier with the added dimension.

  2. "When I watched the movie" - you need to see the stage show!! It's worse! The woman comes in and out of the audience, and the sound level is incredible and is almost deafening. I saw it a week ago today and am taking a friend to London next Friday to see it, so I'll be looking forward to more nights with the lights on.
    The new film's looking good, I'm making some friends come and see it with me so they might be able to understand what it was that frightened me about the stage show.
    But seriously, see the stage show. It's terrifying, but I'd recommend it to anyone.

  3. When I first saw this on tv, it frightened me as no other movie...and, to this day it still frightens me. I will not watch the remake. It cannot live up to the original. It is sheer horror. Janet Johnson

  4. Thanks for the comments Charlotte and Janet! I would love to see the stage show. Heard nothing but great things about it!