Wednesday, July 21, 2010


3 strangers have their lives entwined by the epic battle between good and evil.  Only these guys are a little bad themselves.

A hit man, a Knight Templar and a warrior priest assassin battle the Legion.  Legion = Spawned demons from hell, that want to open up a portal to let hell through, dominating this world.

Sound cool?  That is because it is.

This is another low budget (just over a million)movie that went direct to DVD in 2009.  I have been increasingly satisfied with lower budget movies as of late.   New and cheaper technology is allowing more and more people to put their thoughts to film. Thankfully, they don't have to go through "Hollywood" anymore.

The 3 directors of this film were more stuntmen than directors. That gave the action sequences (a lot of them) some jaw dropping eye candy. There is still some cheesy effects but they don't detract from the film as I really expected worse.  Appearing in a small role was Derek Mears (The new Jason and a "classic" predator from the recent "Predators"). haha.

What truly amazed me were the fight scenes.  They were well thought out and very specific to the fighter's size and statures etc.  They were incredibly well choreographed and for lack of better words, Awesome. Probably some of the better sword play I've seen in a very long time.

The acting was surprisingly good and I came out of this movie satisfied with it.  More so than a lot of Hollywood flicks as of late.

Frequent Basement guest reviewer Anthony Michael Bosa summed up this movie with this EPIC description:

"There is no better way to have the fate of the world decided than in a giant SLUGFEST".

Shawn from the basement agrees.

This is a GOOD movie for low budget.

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