Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Harry Potter Will Face The Woman In Black

Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself, is dipping into old-school horror as part of his post-Hogwarts carrier. The star has joined the cast of The Woman In Black, which will be released by recently revived Hammer Films.

The adaptation of Susan Hill’s bestseller will come from director James (Eden Lake) Watkins, with a script from Jane (Kick Ass) Goldman. The story follows young lawyer Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe), who is ordered to travel to a remote corner of the U.K. and sort out a recently deceased client’s papers. As he works alone in an old and isolated house, Kipps begins to uncover its tragic secrets, and his unease grows when he discovers that the local village is held hostage by the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance.

Having seen a previous version of the film I can assure you it's creepy as hell.

The film begins production in the fall. We'll update you as more news becomes available. Hammer is also releasing the U.S. version of Let Me In later this year.

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  1. I heard this movie will be in 3D... just imagine that one scene with the ghost in 3D... It'll probably keep us awake for weeks afterwards. I'm so looking forward to this one.

    I also think it's smart for Radcliffe to go in this direction, rather than a splatter horror film like so many stars do. This type of story requires some serious acting talent, and would help him get more dramatic roles if he can pull it off properly.