Wednesday, July 14, 2010


"I swear, if life was like a horror film...You'd be the first one to get killed"

The movie Biohazardous, for all intents and purposes, is a zombie movie.

That said, watching this made me feel a bit weird.  Mainly because it reminded me of the home movies WE used to make.

This is an ULTRA low budget movie, filmed mostly with a couple of  alright home video cameras. The acting was much better than I was expecting, though still a bit questionable in parts. haha. Some of the actors were actually pretty good.  The main "bad guy", head of Gentech industries, reminded me very much of Willem Dafoe.  Believe THAT or not.

The movie is similar to Resident Evil and really pays homage to George A Romero's zombies from the original Dawn Of The Dead.

Of course the story is about a company that is chemically testing their ability to make soldiers that won't die.  While resurrection is easy, after the administration of a second phase drug, killing them is not.

Also, they can not yet be controlled.  As a side effect, the bite from a resurrected person transfers the "virus" into the victim, shortly causing death then resurrection. The virus escapes containment and the facility goes on "lockdown" killing everyone exposed.  Only to be resurrected as zombies.

Despite the REALLY low budget filming and sketchy acting in parts, this wasn't terrible.  It easily holds its own against older movies, including Dawn Of The Dead (original) when the zombies finally arrive and the gore begins. There definitely could have been more, but they worked well with what they had.

The MAIN detraction for me, with this movie, is that they made it a "teen movie".  BOOOURRNS.  Had they stayed away from that aspect, I would have enjoyed this a bit more.

For one of the lowest budget films I've seen in a while, I was surprised at a few parts.  Mainly the acting and what gore they had.  If you go in with low expectations, you won't be disappointed.

I won't be watching this movie again.  But I didn't throw it in the microwave either. 

Shawn From The Basement slides it into the "BAD".

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