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Exclusive Reveal: She Will Return

Comin' at yah, From The Basement has an exclusive treat for Basement Dwellers and horror fans everywhere... the first official reveal of Jeff Payne's spooky follow up to his hit short film, The Pale Faced Lady!

We highlighted the first film back in March, and people really liked what Jeff did narratively and visually with this creepy little ghost story. And Shawn and I dug it as well. The fact Jeff is hitting us with a follow up so quickly is proof there is a Cinematic God.

Production on the sequel has begun, and we've got some images here that will surely tickle your eye holes. But first, here's a few words from Jeff on the matter:

What new direction are you taking The Pale Faced Lady in with this sequel?

The first one was more narrative driven, giving you the setting, a bit of the story, and what Pale Faced Lady is capable of. With this one, I'm focusing on the one character who gets stalked by her in real time. He also unknowing has a part in the creation of this entity.

Will we learn more about her, and how she "works"?

Chapter 2 will focus on who she was before her death, and ultimately how she becomes this malevolent spirit.

Will the story be told in a similar format to the first one, or will it be more traditional in presentation?

This one will be more traditional, focusing on building tension from a character's perspective, whereas Chapter 1 relied heavily on atmosphere.

Where did the idea for The Pale Faced Lady come from?

The idea came from a nightmare I had right before I got married. We lived in an apartment for a few months before we bought a house. During that time I had a recurring dream of a dead woman who lived there. She never moved or said a word. In my dream, as I would go downstairs to get a drink, I could see her standing in the dark corners of the room, just staring at me. The more I paid attention to her, the closer she would get to me.

You seem to gravitate toward scary stories. Are you a fan?

Absolutely! Horror is my go-to genre. My favourites include Session 9, The Devil's Rejects, The Blackcoat's Daughter, Lake Mungo, and the original Dawn of the Dead.

What got you interested in film and photography?

I've always been a fan of creating things, and sharing memories with people. I started making YouTube videos documenting my travels/events, and it slowly evolved into photography and cinematography. Today, I make a living focusing on weddings, themed shoots, and various other projects. I do it because it gives me something to look back on, and it could help motivate someone else to do something fun as well!

You first made waves with the Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees film. How did that come about?

Michael Myers has always been a character within my YouTube channel. I do a scare prank every single year, simply scaring kids on my front porch. The first Michael Versus Jason short film was supposed to be a funny intro to my next scare-prank video. Halfway through the shoot, I decided to keep it serious and make it an episodic series. It's funny how things work out like that! I had a great team helping me shape those episodes. The feedback I get daily makes me happy knowing I have shared something that people truly enjoy.

What's next after She Will Return?

I've got a few ideas in mind, but I tend to focus on one project at a time. Definitely horror thought!

And now, for your first look at She Will Return! We believe these beautiful stills capture the mood, atmosphere and visual style Jeff is going for with this sequel. Enjoy!

You can keep up with Jeff's work via his YouTube channel, on Facebook and Instagram. And We'll keep you updated on She Will Return right here... in The Basement!

Source: Jeff Payne


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