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The Basement has moved . . . ish

After a long hiatus, and a decision to somewhat change the direction and format of the show, activity on this blog will -- at least for the time being -- cease. Sad face is sad . . .

Does this mean We Came from the Basement is dead? Narp! Instead, all activity will appear on our long-running Facebook fan page, which you can find right here.

That's right, any reviews, news or future shows will pop up as short posts on the fan page. Why? We're too shittin' busy to dedicate a lot of time and thought beyond the shits and giggles we get from doing the show etc. In order to keep things going, we need to simplify. And this is how that gets done.

Shawn has pointed out this post has already required more thought than he anticipated putting into things. Dammit, the man is right!

Thanks for sticking with us during the starts and stops of the last few years. Please continue to follow us on the Facebook page. Fans can still post whatever they like to our Facebook group page.