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Why are movies boring?

Think of this as a companion to my What's wrong with Hollywood? piece. But, for the most part, I find myself bored with movies.

Now, take into consideration that by movies, I mean new to newer movies. And yes, there are exceptions to this statement, which I admit is a bit generalized.

I have noticed, though, the list of movies I want to catch in a theatre grows smaller with each passing year, likely because everything is a reboot or remake. And movie news, which I used to be glued to on a daily basis, is now something I catch up on Saturday mornings and not feel like I've missed anything.

Review: The Sleeper

The 80s were the heyday of the slasher film. The subgenre WAS horror, at least for the better part of that decade, with few ghost or vampire stories in sight. And for every Halloween or Friday the 13th sequel, there were a dozen cheaply made knockoffs to cash in on the better flicks' popularity.

Justin Russell's The Sleeper is a tribute to those 80s slasher films. Made in 2012 on a $30,000 budget, he's lovingly crafted a period piece set in 1981, where a crazed killer sets his sights -- in this case his hammer -- on the hot chicks living in a small town sorority house.

What's wrong with Hollywood?

This isn't going to be another rant against the Hollywood studio system. Shawn and I did enough of that during our six seasons on the air. But, as a box-office watcher, I've noticed something has gone wrong this summer. Although I'm sure studio suites are paying attention, I thought I'd go ahead and state the obvious.

Summer is when the studios release their blockbusters and potential sleepers in hope of earning some serious dough. Traditionally these flicks do bring in beaucoup bank.