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Episode XII: Ichi the Killer and Tokyo Gore Police

Wanna know what will make Shawn spontaneously explode? Then you need to listen to Episode XII: Ichi the Killer and Tokyo Gore Police right away! Oh yeah, we reviews some movies called Ichi the Killer and Tokyo Gore Police too. Stick with us!

Listen here!

Are Movies Getting Lamer?

I've been to the theatre maybe three times this year. Once to see Sherlock Holmes, a second time for Clash of the Titans and then the wife and I recently checked out The Losers.

Given the slate of upcoming releases, I will likely screen The A-Team because a buddy wants to bring his kids and I will tag along for the ride. The next film I can see myself dragging my ass to is The Expendables because I don't see how any male who calls himself a movie fan will want to pass up seeing that cast (Stallone, Ah-nold and Willis in the same scene together? Hello!) on the big screen. I might check out Tron 2.0, but we'll see what my mood is like at the time.

That's it. Six films worth slapping down $10 to see. Otherwise, I'll wait and watch them on the system at home. Hi-def picture, 5.1 digital surround, no crowds and beer outweigh my need to see Iron Man 2 any day.

But it wasn't that long ago that the wife and I would head out once a week and catch all the big releases. Whe…

Van Damme and Lundgren Return For Unisol 4!

That's the good news. The bad news is the fourth installment in the long-running Universal Soldier series will be made in 3D.

Foresight Unlimited announced Wednesday that production would begin in the fall on the next film in the series. Dolph Lundgren will return, along with JCVD, to do some damage. John Hyams, director of Universal Soldier: Regeneration, will helm the project.

Fans of the podcast will know that Shawn and I quite enjoyed Regeneration, he more so. The film featured some great and gritty action scenes with nary a pixel of CGI noticeably in sight, which makes news of the 3D involvement somewhat upsetting for yours truly.

At least they aren't shooting it in 2D and converting it after.

We'll post more news as it comes in!

Next On the Chopping Block!

That's Basement speak for what we're going to review next! We usually review two films every two weeks, and Monday's episode is no different.

First up we've got the George Clooney, Ewan McGregor and Jeff Bridge's black comedy The Men Who Stare At Goats followed by the horror film Train. Check out the previews below.

We'll let you know when the episode goes live!

-Jason and Shawn

Is This the New Godzilla?

The following is a pic courtesy of showing what might be an early design for the new Godzilla. Maybe? One can never tell on these Interwebs.

Back in late March it was announced that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures would be bringing my favorite giant radioactive lizard back to the big screen in another reboot of Godzilla. The film is slated for release some time in 2012.

I love Godzilla! Roland Emmerich's version was enjoyable enough, despite Matthew Broderick being horribly miscast, so why not try again? I doubt this could be any worse. I hope.

What do you think?


Hugo Weaving Will Be The Red Skull

How cool is that!?!

Today, Marvel Studios is confirming that the actor will definitely be playing the villain opposite Chris Evans as Captain America. Rumour has it the movie takes place during the Second World War, so expect Weaving's Skull to have lots of Nazis at his disposal.

Weaving is the perfect choice for the role. He, along with Alan Rickman of Die Hard fame, is one of the best villainous actors in the business.

I'm more and more excited for this movie as news begins to leak out. Evans should be a great Cap (he was awesome in The Losers)and Marvel has been producing some pretty decent adaptations of their characters of late, Ghost Rider aside.