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Review: Bad CGI Sharks

Tired of bad shark-attack movies? How about watching a movie that makes fun of bad shark-attack movies? Then maybe it's time you watch Bad CGI Sharks.

Bad CGI Sharks is, in fact, the Deadpool of movies like Sharknado, 2-Headed Shark Attack, and all those God damned Syfy, Asylum and low-rent movies that feature sharks as the bad guy, be they from the ocean, possessed by a demon, kicked out of a tornado, or explode from the snow.

The brains behind Bad CGI Sharks -- Matthew and Jason Ellsworth, and Matteo Molinari -- clearly know the subgenera, and why it remains popular despite how much these movies suck. And they have a blast making fun of them. This movie is a labour of silly love, bad CGI sharks and all.

But is there enough here to warrant a 90-minute movie? There wouldn't be -- and the jokes would quickly grow stale -- if the Ellsworths and Molinari didn't have something to say. Bad CGI Sharks is as much a commentary on low-budget filmmaking as it is on bad-shark movies, and it also touches on family, believing in yourself, and being creative.

Yes, a movie called Bad CGI Sharks has a heart, which surprised the shit out of Shawn and I, but it works, and gives the film a layer neither of us expected. Kind of like an onion.

It's hard not to like a well-made movie with heart, an off-kilter sense of humour, and enough zany energy to power a small city. Our only complaint is being cock-blocked on all the boob-shot opportunities. But that was done on purpose, so we'll let it slide... this time!

Bad CGI Sharks rates a Good. See it when you have the chance.


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