Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Strangers director pens serial killer robot flick Abe

If the concept of a serial killer robot movie sounds familiar, that's because we featured a short film about a serial killer robot here on the site about a year ago. It's called Abe, and is pretty cool.

We knew Rob McLellan's flick was picked up by MGM for the feature-length treatment. At the time, McLellan was set to write and direct.

Now word has hit the Internet that MGM brought in The Strangers writer/director Bryan Bertino to write Abe. McLellan is still on board as director.

Bertino hasn't done a lot since The Strangers became a big hit back in 2008. He displayed some real talent for sustained suspense in that flick, and could bring a lot to the tale of Abe, which is a very cool and original idea for a horror film. Those two words -- cool and original -- don't go together a lot when describing movies these days.

No word yet on a cast, but stick with us -- we'll keep you updated on Abe as the flick comes together.

Source: Deadline
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