Friday, June 27, 2014

No more school, no more books . . .

The Basement is closed for the summer.


Well, not really. But Shawn and I are taking July and August off for a variety of reason. Vacations. Family time. Personal business. Relax. Recharge. You name it. There will be no episodes for the next eight or so weeks, nor posts made on the site.

This isn't to say contributors Matt Bellamy (not the guy from Muse), Mike S, Cory Hope and Suzanne Cappelletti won't post to The Basement. We're not gonna make them do anything, but some have suggested they will write articles and reviews from time to time.

We'll be back in full effect come September, with a revamped show and site, but the same Basement attitude. It'll be bad ass. This we promise you.

Have a great summer, Basementites. Stick with us!

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