Sunday, April 6, 2014

Afflicted, Camp Dread, Time to Kill and an Enormous interview

Get ready for a triple threat of genre entertainment as Jason and Shawn put three, count 'em three, movies on the chopping block for the first time since Season One way back in . . . a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Sorry, Star Wars flashback.

First up is the Fantastic Fest award-winning horror flick Afflicted. Filmmakers and stars Derek Lee and Clif Prowse take found footage to a whole new level with this tale of friends who set out on a trip around the world only to experience something dark and sinister after an encounter with a mystery woman.

Sound intriguing? Stick with us!

Then, 6 Degrees of Hell and The Fields screenwriter B. Harrison Smith graces The Basement with his directorial debut Camp Dread, AKA Harrison turns the classic 80s slasher on its head with the help of genre legends Eric Roberts and Danielle Harris. How does it measure up for Jason and Shawn? Well, you know.

Last but not least, director Brian Williams shares his first feature Time to Kill, a bloody tribute to 70s and 80s exploitation cinema starring Ellie Church and Debbie Rochon.

But wait, there's more, Jason sits down with Tim Daniel, creator of the Enormous comic-book series turned webisode on MachinimaPrime. If you love comics, monsters and movies, this is the interview for you.

You can also hear it all on the From Dusk Till Con Radio at 6 p.m. pacific, 9 p.m. eastern Sunday April 13. Episodes debut on FDTC starting April 27, with the podcast dropping soon after. Stick with us!

Tonight' film de cinema:


Camp Dread

Time to Kill

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