Friday, September 20, 2013

Anthony Michael Bosa versus AE: Apocalypse Earth

This another film from my awesome friends at The Asylum. I love these guys. I have been promising Jason to review these movies for him for some time now. It's about time I did. Just to let you know who these guys are, they are the Kings of Mockbusters. Any big movie Hollywood makes, The Asylum is there to capitalize. As for me, I am a B-movie lover. They rarely disappoint me. Just like AE:Apocalypse Earth (not hard to figure out it is After Earth they are mockbusting). This movie is actually worth the watch for the SUPER CRAZY (If you don't figure it out before it is over it will be SUPER CRAZY) plot twist at the end. All in all you actually hope the main guys kick a little ass. It stars Highlander Duncan McLeod himself, Adrian Paul. That's about it. Worth the watch and a Bad on my scale. Never hurts to watch a movie once. It only hurts to watch it again. Like Alien 3000, right Jason?

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