Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We're in Possession of "A Haunted House" Poster!

Once again, Mike S is laying before you lads and lassies some horror movie happiness.  This time, it's one of the posters for the January 11th movie, "A Haunted House" by Open Roads Films.  Several of the posters for this movie have spoofed releases from last year, with the one above- which I found on "Shock Till You Drop" giving a "The Possession" a hand.

"A Haunted House" takes a shot at the successful "Paranormal Activity" franchise when a newlywed couple movie into their home, and strange things begin to happen.  Trying to save his wife (and his sex life), the husband calls in whoever he can to help.

This movie stars Marlon Wayans as the husband Malcom, and Essence Atkins plays Kisha, his wife.  I'm not going to lie- I'm not a big fan of Wayans... especially in pretty much every movie he's done like the early "Scary Movie" entries.  I do like the poster, though... so I MIGHT give this one a viewing... maybe.  Possibly... if I can suffer through it with Jay...

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