Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Countdown to the End continues with Armageddon


Yeah, Willis is back again! He is one sadistic motherfucker. Loves the end of the world.  Actually, loves to be in movies that save it.

Armageddon was the "blockbuster" asteroid movie of the 90's. Mushy, gushy stuff for the women and some cool end-of-the-world stuff for doomers.

Actually, it did have a rare formula that fed action fans, disaster movie fans, and women. Haha. ( Everyone seemed to get a little of what they wanted from this flick. Except if you were hoping the astroid plowed into earth. That didn't happen (Spoiler alert) 

I've watched this movie a couple times, so I give it a Good. Bruce Willis has been a couple more "end time" flicks, but this is the last one for my countdown.  Goddamn apocalyptic glory hog.


Here's hoping the world ACTUALLY ends, in one of these reviews, eh? Haha
Anyway, if the Mayans actually know of a plan to kill us all, lets hope there is someone out there that will try to save us.Otherwise WE HAVE 8 DAYS LEFT.


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